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Pile Tests

Our service offerings are pile testing and instrumentations for geotechnical and construction engineering.

Main Services: Pile Testing 
We are the world’s leading pile test specialist competently to test all 10 types of pile test methods (static & dynamic & imaging) as listed below.

Test Symbol Pile Test Methods Test Type
 SL Static Load Pile Load Test (compression, tension, horizontal) Static
 BD Bi-Directional Pile Load test (BDPLT), using YJACK Static
 PI Pile Instrumentation for Pile Load Test (PIPLT) Static
 HS High Strain Pile Load Test (HSPLT) Dynamic
 LS Low Strain pile Integrity Test (LSPIT) Dynamic
 US Ultra Sonic Pile integrity Test (USPIT) Dynamic
 TV Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) PIle Integrity Imaging (TVPII) Imaging
 HP Hole Profiling using Ultra Sonic Imaging (HPUSI) Imaging
 SP Soil Profiling using Radar Wave Imaging (SPRWI) Imaging
 CC Concrete Coring Pile Integrity Test (CCPIT) Physical

YJACK is a new technology that cover all pile types to carry out bi-directional pile load tests:
YJACK Type C: close ended piles (reinforced, spun concrete, steel & H-section)
 YJACK Type O: open ended piles (spun concrete, steel pipe & offshore piles)
 YJACK Type B: bored piles (inclusive barrettes & caissons)
 YJACK Type A: autoYJACK (with wireless connections for deep water piling piles)

Secondary Services: Geotechnical and Structural Services
 Geotechnical testing and instrumentations
 Geotechnical design and consultancy
 Supply of pile testing, geotechnical and structural instruments, sensors and accessories

Why People Choose YJACK?

30 years of Experience

Those that spearhead YJACK have 30 years experience in managing as well as developing a business suited to the pile testing industry


We have operations in multiple countries that give us a wide scope of experience in different geotechnical environments and regions

Proprietary Technology

Our world patents allow us to maintain technology that is unique to us and is able to solve problems that the bi-directional testing industry encounters through our own jack technology

No Steel

The exclusion of the steel plates allow the YJACK to significantly reduce the risk of soft layers forming around the jack and create an overall more reliable and accurate system

Business Opportunities

We are looking for distributors and markets in many other countries to continue making a difference in the pile testing world and continue the dream of being the world's best pile test


We employ a young and dynamic team that is willing to go the distance for the company and contribute ideas as well as time to make sure the company is able to achieve our sustainability goals

How to reach YJACK?

YJACK Contacts 

KL Office
20, Jalan PP 11/5, Alam Perdana Industrial Park, 47130 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Tel: +6016 - 2158 129

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