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YJACK Comparison

Static Method
YJACK Method
Cost icon
(30-50% cost saving)
Slow and Tedious
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Fast and Simple
(10 days to 1 day time saving)
Large Work Platform
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Environmental Green
Limited Test Load
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Unlimited Load Test
Not for Offshore Piles
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For All Types of Piles
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Comparison of YJACK Technology with other BD Pile Tests

Comparisons YJACK Technology Other Technology
About Jack Technology Flat Jack using bladder seal technology Piston Jack using oil seal technology
About Jack History Breakthrough invention since 2006 (patented) Breakthrough invention since 1851
About Jack Image YJack Image Other Image
About Jack Performance Durable and sustain to impacts (for drive piles); but light weight and hand carry. Very heavy and require crane to lift and shift.
About Jack Designs YJack DesignBetter load transfer performance. Other Design
About YJACK Applications Since 2006:
  • cast in-situ drilled piles
After 2014:
  • drive/jack-in close ended piles
  • drive/jack-in open ended piles
  • cast in-situ API-micro piles
Since 1980s:
  • cast in-situ drilled piles
About Jack Fabrications for drilled piles Conical blocks attached at the top and bottom of the jacks. The sediments will not be stucked at the top of the jack. Solid concrete formed. YJack Drilled Piles Bottom conical shape to allow the concrete to flow easily from bottom to top. No sediments block at the bottom. Steel plates attached at the top and bottom of the jacks. The sediments will be stuck at the top of the plate. Soft concrete formed. Other Drilled Piles bottom steel plate with flat shape will block concrete and sediments to flow. Soft concrete formed.
About YJACK Installation Simple, light weight and easy handling. Only a few hours to prepare and install. Sophisticated, heavy and bulky. Require few days to prepare and install.
Customer Careline
+6016 - 2158129
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