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YJACK Type C (Closed Ended Piles)

Type C

This type of YJACK is designed for close ended piles such as reinforced concrete, spun concrete and steel pipe piles with pile shoes. The steel H-pile is classified as close ended piles.

The YJACK installation process can be summarized as below:

  1. Drive-in the pilot pile for Engineer to determine the location to assembly YJACK
  2. Drive-in bottom segment(s) (1 length or few lengths) for YJACK test pile.
  3. Joint-welded YJACK to the top of bottom segment(s) (1 length or few lengths).
  4. Lift extension pile at top of YJACK and then joint-welded plus hose and telltales.
  5. Continue drive-in the pile until set or length.
  6. Apply load to YJACK (at any wait-time interval, or correlations)
Type C Flow
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