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Our Services

Our Service

Our service offerings are pile testing and instrumentations for geotechnical and construction engineering.

Main Services: Pile Testing

We are the world’s leading pile test specialist competently to test all 10 types of pile test methods (static & dynamic & imaging) as listed below.

Test Symbol Pile Test Methods Test Type
SL Static Load Pile Load Test (compression, tension, horizontal) Static
BD Bi-Directional Pile Load test (BDPLT), using YJACK Static
PI Pile Instrumentation for Pile Load Test (PIPLT) Static
HS High Strain Pile Load Test (HSPLT) Dynamic
LS Low Strain pile Integrity Test (LSPIT) Dynamic
US Ultra Sonic Pile integrity Test (USPIT) Dynamic
TV Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) PIle Integrity Imaging (TVPII) Imaging
HP Hole Profiling using Ultra Sonic Imaging (HPUSI) Imaging
SP Soil Profiling using Radar Wave Imaging (SPRWI) Imaging
CC Concrete Coring Pile Integrity Test (CCPIT) Physical

YJACK is a new technology that cover all pile types to carry out bi-directional pile load tests:

  • YJACK Type C: close ended piles (reinforced, spun concrete, steel & H-section)
  • YJACK Type O: open ended piles (spun concrete, steel pipe & offshore piles)
  • YJACK Type B: bored piles (inclusive barrettes & caissons)
  • YJACK Type M: API-micro piles
  • YJACK Type A: autoYJACK (with wireless connections for deep water piling piles)

Secondary Services: Geotechnical and Structural Services

  1. Geotechnical testing and instrumentations
  2. Geotechnical design and consultancy
  3. Supply of pile testing, geotechnical and structural instruments, sensors and accessories
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